WPS Club Members

Below is a listing of the club members alphabetically, along with showing areas of interest for collecting.

• Andy A.– USA, fancy cancels.               
• Jack A.– US FDC, Plate blocks, Israel, UN, Vatican 
• Shonda A. – USA, Medical topicals. 
• John B. -USA. Unique stamps, FDC with cachets, older stamps, back of book.                                                                                                                                                           Richard B. – Revenue, Back of the Book                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Tim B. – Confederate Postal Covers, Union Soldier Covers, Civil War Union Branches/Department Covers.                                                                                                             “Hondo” D. – USA, Precancels, Perfins, Back of the Book.
John D. – USA Mint and Used pre 1940, Precancels, Perfins.
Marc D. – Different countries depending on depictions of art or history.   
Stephen D. – WW Classics to 1941, all Belgium and colonies
Bob D. – USA Mint, Olympics.
Ed H. – Older USA only.
Jimmy J. – USA, Ship Cancels, USS North Carolina Covers and Post Cards, Wilmington NC Postal History.
Johnny J. – Postal history, EFO’s, Wilmington covers, Duck stamps                                                                                                                                                                           
• Chuck K. – US, British, Penny Black Centennial                                                                   
Tom K. – General US.
David M.  – USA, UN, Austria, Canada, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, Russia. 
Dennis M. – USA mint, Canada, Worldwide.
• John M. – No longer collects
• Lloyd M. – USA 1935-, Canada, UPU, Brazil.
Martin M. – USA used.
Sandy (Sanford) M. – USA, Worldwide, Windmills, Christmas Seals, Boats, Planes, Cars, Trucks, Birds, Reptiles, Insects.
Steve M. – USA and Worldwide pre 1940, Back of the Book, Spain, Australia.
Bruce P. – 18th Century US covers, Military Post Cards.         
Scott, P.
David P. – USA, Worldwide.                                         
Fred P. – USA, Souvenir Sheets, British Commonwealth, France, Birds, Olympics.
Ray (Raymond) P. US, Germany, France
Richard P.  – Aviation, Round-the-World flights, First flights, Worldwide Airmail, Aerophilatelic. 
Helen R. – USA, Romania, Anchors.
Dave S. – USA, Japan, UN, Canada, France, Tennis. Forgeries.
Greg S. – Michigan, Michigan Postal History, Stampless Covers.
• Steve S. – USA Mint.
Tim S. – Mint USA, FDC, Plate Blocks, All Worldwide, MNH FSAT, Luxembourg, Monaco, Souvenir Sheets.
• William (Bill) T. – Germany pre0-1960 and US pre-2000
John V. – Postcards.
Robert V. – USA Washington/Franklin, USA Officials, USA stamped covers.
John V. – USA.
Stephen W. – USA, British, Vatican.
Life Members
Don H. – USA Joint Issues, HPO 1st Trip Covers, Christmas, Scott #1396, FDOI.
Ben S. – (No longer collects) 
Wendell T. – USA, Fancy Cancels, Space Covers, Wilmington Covers.